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Why are we selling our home?

This home was a great starter for us, unfortunately, we've outgrown it by two feet. Our family is extending and with the amount of adults and kids and rooms, we just do not have enough space for all of us. We are looking forward to a bigger and spacious house for our growing family. This is definitely a must see for those of you that are looking for a good starter home.

What have we enjoyed most?

There is definitely a lot of space in the pantry for storage. With the amount of family we have visiting on a yearly basis, it's allowed us to stock up on snacks and provided a place for our various pots and pans. Another thing you will enjoy are the caring neighbors we have. We've met some incredible and loyal neighbors on our street so it'll be sad to leave them. Most of them have been around for 10+ years and some over 20+ years. We can safely say that this neighborhood is a good one. We love being around the fireplace especially during the winter seasons. The smell of the fresh cut wood and the warmth the fire brings definitely makes the house even cozier.

What will we miss?

We will miss seeing Santa's reindeer prancing along our back yard. Jokes aside, there's several deers that come into the area because there's a conservatory in the back yard. Sometimes they'll come running into the yard like it's Christmas. Literally, have seen 20 deers running in a single file line across the lawn. Another thing we will miss is the park. Norwood Park is walking distance and has 2 great playgrounds. There are several restaurants, fast-foods chains, and supermarkets nearby as well.

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